I am not...

I am not some piece of flotsam,
Drifting upon the sea,
Unsolicited opinions,
Will never define me,
One life to live,
And then to die,
So let me make it clear.
Only I will steer the vessel,
That takes me from here to there.

I am not some leaf in Autumn,
That's blowing in the wind.
I will live my life in earnest,
Not an instant will I rescind.
I compose my own melodies,
And orchestrate all major themes.
I am the maestro, the conductor,
I direct my every dream.

I am not a babbling baby,
In need of a mother's hand,
And even though I'm not an island,
I'm an independent man.
So do not seek to redirect me,
For your selfish shallow needs.
Disguised as good intentions,
For you never will succeed.

I am not a dangling puppet,
Held up by any strings.
I will not jump at your command,
I have no queen or king.
I will guard my independence,
It cannot be bought for gold.
For what good is it to gain the world
And lose one's very soul.

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