Someday I'll watch you walk away
And leave me with goodbyes
Someday I’ll surrender you to him
With teardrops in my eyes
Someday I’ll watch him make you smile
You'll share your dreams together
Someday you will forget my love
and belong to him forever

Thoughts of You

What are my thoughts when I think of you?
My thoughts are of what I would like to do
To your beautiful body with my hands and my lips
To make you shiver and lift your hips
To inhale your sex and suck on your pussy
To ride your wave and feel you upon me
The hot wetness that lies between your thighs
Me slipping in and out, making you high
Working you slowly, gaining momentum
Making your climax intense as u cum
Feeling your warm mouth encircle my dick
Throbbing sensations with every wet lick
Hearing your soft moans as you take me deep
Giving you spasms of hot love to keep
Your heartbeat's sweet rhythm drumming on my chest
The feel of your skin as I softly caress
These are just some of the things that I miss
When I think of you and your soft, wet kiss

Your Loving

Love of my life
My thoughts of you are kind.
For despite you leaving me
I know you suffer
And die a death
Each time you remember.

What a tragic misfortune!
Such a deficit of courage!
What artificial bravery I beheld in you!
What agony and grief
Your “loving”
Put me through.


All the intentions
All the vows of love
And cast to the winds
Like confetti.
My idol's feet were made of clay
My 'Rainbow's End'
Laid to waste by a robber.
While I was engaged in daydreams
My future was seized
And forfeited to incertitude.


My heart is tortured
By passion for you.
You have overwhelmed my soul... 
And made it feel needed, 
And wanted,
And whole.
As it beats,
It grows potent for you.
And this moth is tired
Of waiting,
Of aching,
Of wanting
to be scorched by your fire.

I Used To Love

I used to love strawberries
Candy and ice cream
I used to love long sunsets
And pleasurable dreams
I saw beau-ty in flowers
And stars in the night sky
I used to love just standing
And watching life go by
I found great joy in reading
Poems, journals and books
I've been to many far locales
Seen rivers, streams and brooks
I used to love the sweet smell
Of rain-
Of sweet perfume.
Of sunlight through a window,
Brightening a room.
I used to love great paintings,
And old fashioned love songs.
I used to love the concept,
That love could right all wrongs.
I used to love so many things
Like the pure fresh morning dew
I say used to dear
For as of now
I Love nothing else but you.


All my food comes from plants
the bottling plant,
the chocolate plant,
the canning plant,
the meat packaging plant,
All freshly picked,
from the nearest branch
of my favourite supermarket.


Where do you report a stolen heart?
Who will convict the felon?
Can you call your insurance and make a claim?
Or just live with your loss and move on?


I realized very long ago
That skin is just that -
Those that I've touched
Were all unique,
Yet somehow still akin.
A tender fragile covering,
That comes in many colours.
A thin cosmetic outer film,
That makes us hate our brothers.
Yet underneath we're all the same,
Part of the human race.
But the hue and shade of our membrane,
Can prevent a warm embrace.
If we could see past the presence,
Or lack of melanin.
You'd realize just as I did
That skin is just that -


If it's
Jesus' Birthday,
Why do you
need a present?


Let me
your mind,
Before I
your body.

Faulty Recollection

It lingers on my memory's edge,
Is it
Illusive as the very air,
Everywhere and still not there.
I should know it but daring to ask,
Would add fuel to a flame,
For though her body pleased me so,
I cannot recall her name.

Her taste, her touch, her moans, her sighs,
Resides in my retention.
My adventure 'tween her tender thighs,
Brought complete satisfaction .
But when by chance I met her,
Far from my silken linen.
I just could not remember then,
If she was
or Eve-
Or Ellen.

It touched my tongue just at the edge,
But not enough for me to say.
My face turned twenty shades of red,
Was this
Or Faye?
As waves of shame swept over me,
I searched my mind in vain.
I remembered every ecstasy,
Except her name.

Time Heals All Wounds

I Know,
It's ironic.
Love is doomed to fail.
The God of love's intentions,
Are all to no avail.
So if Cupid's arrow strikes you,
In daylight or in moon.
Don't panic, just remember,
Time will heal the wound.

Where was God?

Where was God when my son died,
An angry mother cried.
The same place he was,
Came the reply,
When his was crucified.


Any fool who looks at art,
Knows that there's a painter.
The coloured canvas represents,
Hours of someone's labour.
Yet learned men whose heads are filled,
With so much education.
Deny the existence of God,
While they marvel at creation.

Fish and Fowl

She is a fish I am a fowl,
And we love each other so.
But I can't breathe in water,
And where I fly she cannot go.

I spread my wings out everyday,
To soar above the sea.
And watch in melancholy,
As she looks back up at me.

And so we'll dance this sad ballet,
Forever she and I.
Because for us to be together,
One of us must die.

Over the Edge

It's very hard to come back,
When you've gone over the edge
Of anger and frustration,
After so much has been said.
Unkind words flee from your lips,
Like convicts in a jailbreak.
When you least expect they make the slip,
And causes someone's heart to ache.
Try as you may to make it right,
It sits between you like a wedge.
Because it's very hard to come back
When you've gone over the edge.

The Road to Hell

Many men have walked this road,
And returned without their soul.
Their hearts as hard as tempered steel,
And darker than charcoal.

They started yes, with hearts as bright
As gems held up to light,
And vowed to fight with all their might,
To set perceived wrongs right.

Their intents are now asphalt,
On Beelzebub's highway.
The good in them makes way for sins,
As they're led further away.

Very few of them look back,
To see just how far they've gone.
Along the wide path that surely,
Leads to their destruction.

A few fall early on the way,
And end up truly blessed.
They escaped the hell bound journey,
And died a hero's death.

Those who survive the journey,
Will never be the same.
What should have brought them glory,
Ends up a walk of shame.

She tries..

She never quite gets it
But she tries.
And sometimes I feel saddened
By the teardrops in her eyes.
She does her best to please me,
That much I realize.
Though -
She never quite gets it
But she tries.


Billions of dollars are spent each year
Looking at the stars.
And studying heavenly bodies,
Like Jupiter and Mars.
Distant constellations,
Litter the nighttime skies.
But not one holds the sparkle,
That lies within your eyes.

I am not...

I am not some piece of flotsam,
Drifting upon the sea,
Unsolicited opinions,
Will never define me,
One life to live,
And then to die,
So let me make it clear.
Only I will steer the vessel,
That takes me from here to there.

I am not some leaf in Autumn,
That's blowing in the wind.
I will live my life in earnest,
Not an instant will I rescind.
I compose my own melodies,
And orchestrate all major themes.
I am the maestro, the conductor,
I direct my every dream.

I am not a babbling baby,
In need of a mother's hand,
And even though I'm not an island,
I'm an independent man.
So do not seek to redirect me,
For your selfish shallow needs.
Disguised as good intentions,
For you never will succeed.

I am not a dangling puppet,
Held up by any strings.
I will not jump at your command,
I have no queen or king.
I will guard my independence,
It cannot be bought for gold.
For what good is it to gain the world
And lose one's very soul.


Your smile,
A savage hunter.
My heart,
Its hopeless prey.
Oh so futile!
My capture was child's play.
Before I even knew it
My heart became entwined.
Ensnared, enslaved, FOREVER!
Yours body, soul, and mind.


I had lost my faith in miracles,
But you restored it with a smile,
And made me stop to ponder more,
Than I have in a quite a while.
The falling rain,
The setting sun,
The growing of a seed,
A flower's scent,
How dewdrops form,
Incredible indeed!
Miracles! Everywhere I look,
Some large some very small.
But mighty stream or trickling brook,
Your smile outdoes them all.


Coat your words with honey,
For you may have to swallow them someday.


No one really knows you
You wear your masks so well
A mask for home
A mask for church
Your life's a living hell

You wear your masks to cover
Your many broken dreams
A mask for work
A mask for play
Your life's a silent scream

Oh yes, you've "got it covered"
Your only one true self
Your hopes
Your aspirations
Lie on a dust filled shelf

The Sweetest Sin

The sweetest sin I ever knew
Was making love to you
And far as I can tell I will burn in hell
For committing that taboo

Oh mother Eve forgive me
For on you I once cast blame
But after tasting a forbidden fruit
Can anyone remain the same?

I'll remain in sin forever
Banished from that blessed place
But I swear that i'm in heaven
Whenever you and I embrace

Until the Day he Died (Ballad #1)

Her father looked down on her
And saw the gleam in her eyes
And the pretty dreams he had for her
Could surely reach the sky
He was a brand new daddy
His heart was full of pride
And he would surely love her
Until the day he died

He watched her grow so quickly
He wished time would just stand still
Yesterday it was a diaper
Today a dress with frills
His one and only daughter
Was now a next man's bride
But he would surely love her
Until the day he died

The children called him gran'pa
One was eight the other ten
The younger one was Gwendolyn
The older one called Ben
Their innocence and beauty
Would sometimes make him cry
And he knew that he would love them
Until the day he died

Her father looked down on her
And saw the light leave her eyes
As the cancer finally took her
To the sweet by and by
He should not have outlived her
And he asked the Good Lord why
But he would surely love her
Until the day he died

Dark Cloud (Haiku #3)

I am a dark cloud
Swollen with a savage storm
Waiting to rain rage

Crocodile Tears (Haiku #2)

Dew forms each morning
And then quickly disappears
Like crocodile tears

Strong or Weak

Our very strengths can make us weak,
Take those who say they're "strong".
Who for all their strength will never speak,
To admit when they're wrong.

The Day I Killed My Father

His mother must have been a bitch,
To raise such a wretched son.
And as soon as I could scratch an itch,
I vowed to kill that man.
His visage I had never seen,
For he abandoned me.
And even though I bore his genes,
He was not family.
Oh irony of ironies!
That more than any other
He helped to shape my destiny
And made me so much better.
For could I ever be like him,
And cause my son to wonder,
If each young lady he's viewing,
Could be his long lost sister?
On the very day my child was born,
I took my father's life.
His legacy became undone,
Without a gun or knife.
Armed with responsibilty
Honour my only amour
I fought that demon skillfully
With help from great Jehovah
And now the cycle lies broken
He cannot hurt another
For I gained freedom for my son
The day I killed my father.
But bittersweet the victory,
For when he begins his quest.
My son may have to vanquish me,
So he can be his best.

Mini Me (Haiku #1)

a woman in pain
and after all her screaming
a miniature me

Proud to call her Mother

She's not female,
She's a phenom.
An independent woman.
Not defined by any other.
I'm so proud to call her mother.
Throughout life she's
Been my anchor,
My compass and my rudder.
Steering me through stormy waters,
I'm so proud to call her mother.
And when Jesus says at last,
That our time has come and past.
I will say to any other
I was proud to call her mother.

Conditional Love

Love has too many conditions
I love you if...
I love you but...
I love you and...
Can't someone simply love me,
Just for who I am.

My hair, my clothes, my money,
My height...
My age...
My family...
It seems that all they can see,
Is everything but me.

Complete Me


Complete me,
That I may be more
Than an unfinished
Work of art.
Complete me,
That the world
May see the
Thing of beauty
That I can become.
Take your brush
And paint the rest
Of my life
The colour of your love


Oh sinless ones,
Come! Cast your stones.
That is,
If you can see.
For does not the beam,
That's in your eyes
Obscure your view of me?

Nature itself

The next time you see a flower,
That makes your heart stand still.
The next time you hear a songbird,
Singing sweetly in the hills.
The next time you see a sunset,
That makes you stop and stare.
Please take that very moment,
To whisper a small prayer.
For Jesus said it plainly,
And today it is true still.
That if we do not praise him,
Then nature itself will.

(thank you Adeola)

Beauty in the Beast

That you find any beauty.
In such a beast as I.
Proves beyond all the shades of doubt
That the saying is no lie
Love must be truly sightless
Or has cataracts at least
For how else could you find beauty
In this unattractive beast. 


Speak to me,
Say anything.
So that the sound of your voice
Plays the music of a million symphonies. 
Speak to me,
Say just a few words.
So that the movement of your lips
Makes me quiver with ecstasy. 
Say something.
That I may soar
Unaided by man's inventions to
Destinations yet uncharted. 
Please speak.  

Fragrant Fruit

She gave me a strawberry,
But that's not what I want.
She has another fragrant fruit,
Not grown on any plant.
In order to consume it,
I first have to win her heart.
But she gave me a strawberry,
So that's a lovely start.

Gentle man

I've touched her in that precious place,
That makes a strong man weak.
That sacred, special, secret place,
Of which gentlemen don't speak.
And though I am a gentle man,
A gentleman I'm not,
And so I ache, I yearn, I long,
To go back to that spot.


By things we cannot touch.
By light, by sound, by air.
Yet somehow they can all touch us,
Yes, life is far from fair.
By things we cannot touch.
You're not mine, so I stare,
Yet somehow you touch me so much,
No, life is just not fair.

The Chain Of Broken Hearts

As heavy as a ton of bricks,
Yet lighter than thin air.
It sits so sadly 'round my neck,
An object of despair.
Invisible, yet tangible,
It pierces my soul like darts.
Stronger than any metal,
The chain of broken hearts.

Forged in lies, and promises,
Unfulfilled up to now.
Molded by false pretenses,
And broken empty vows.
Yet would I do it all again?
Without remorse!
For the price I pay for loving you,
Is the chain of broken hearts.

Your heart must never be entwined,
Within that tangled mess.
Because of all the loves I've had,
I've not been more impressed.
And lover dear if ever,
The both of us should part.
I'd have to add my own ticker,
To the chain of broken hearts.

Dark Chocolate

You are my sweet, dark chocolate,
I am your caramel.
And girl there's no denying,
That we go together well.
A lock and key,
Cookies and cream,
A flower and a bee.
Without you near
I'm nothing
A broken,empty dream.
A natural aphrodisiac, 
Seeing you drives me wild.
And tasting you is ecstacy,
I'm entranced by your wiles.
You are my sweet dark chocolate
I am your caramel,
Wrap yourself around me,
We go together well.

Ebony Sun

I stand patiently each morning,
for her darkness to brighten my day.
Without it I feel lonely,
in a strange, peculiar way.
Other bodies stand beside me,
All made by God's own hand.
But not one shines as brightly,
As the dark, ebony sun. 
Her voice is a sweet love song,
No one can ever sing.
Her smile, a priceless diamond,
That will never grace a ring.
My world revolves around her
And though there is such little time,
I try my best to take it in,
Her ebony sunshine.
I hate when any other,
Blocks her rays from me. But..
Like art, music, and culture
Sunshine must be free.  
Propriety forbids me,
From sharing my intent,
And so I hide in poetry,
As my poor heart laments.
For a man like me, despite my strengths,
Will never touch the sun,
But I would make sev'ral attempts;
If only I were young!
That's not the only barrier,
But it's the one thing I can't change,
It sits on me. Quite heavy!
And I buckle, from the strain.
Or is that just a poor excuse,
For my fear of the dark?
If I venture any further,
Will the sunshine melt my heart?
I should run! But which direction?
Who can escape that sun?
Her darkness still engulfs me,
Long after she is gone.
I will see her in the morning,
As I wait so patiently,
For the darkness that's her beauty,
To shine it's light on me

Flow over me

Flow over me,
Like syrup on a pancake.
Thick and smooth,
Like velvet but light as lace.
Flow over me,
Like the sea upon the shore.
Calm and soft
Like a love song far away.
Flow over me
Like a gentle running shower,
Cleansing me
With a love that's truly pure.
Flow over me
Like a gentle breeze in summer.
So freely
That I feel that I can fly.
Flow over me
Like a strong and gentle river.
Taking me
To the sea that is your love.

Cold Love

My heart is such a dark cold place,
Its fire burns no more.
A bleak, lonely, barren place,
Not what it was before.
For love, that traitor, took its leave
Silently one night,
Before its intent I perceived
It suddenly took flight.
It snowed her broken promises,
Chilling were her lies.
I shuddered as her heartlessness,
Sent shivers down my spine.
Hope and faith both braved the winter,
As best as they could.
But as the coldness settled over,
They too left me for good.
A living death is what it is,
Life without a soul.
I laugh, I breathe I take, I give
But Oh, my heart is cold.