I Used To Love

I used to love strawberries
Candy and ice cream
I used to love long sunsets
And pleasurable dreams
I saw beau-ty in flowers
And stars in the night sky
I used to love just standing
And watching life go by
I found great joy in reading
Poems, journals and books
I've been to many far locales
Seen rivers, streams and brooks
I used to love the sweet smell
Of rain-
Of sweet perfume.
Of sunlight through a window,
Brightening a room.
I used to love great paintings,
And old fashioned love songs.
I used to love the concept,
That love could right all wrongs.
I used to love so many things
Like the pure fresh morning dew
I say used to dear
For as of now
I Love nothing else but you.



Nice Blog
Greetings from Argentina, H├ęctor


I wait your visit and your messages

zia said...

i love this one!!!!!

oRRchid said...

I really love.. I used to love... :-)