Thoughts of You

What are my thoughts when I think of you?
My thoughts are of what I would like to do
To your beautiful body with my hands and my lips
To make you shiver and lift your hips
To inhale your sex and suck on your pussy
To ride your wave and feel you upon me
The hot wetness that lies between your thighs
Me slipping in and out, making you high
Working you slowly, gaining momentum
Making your climax intense as u cum
Feeling your warm mouth encircle my dick
Throbbing sensations with every wet lick
Hearing your soft moans as you take me deep
Giving you spasms of hot love to keep
Your heartbeat's sweet rhythm drumming on my chest
The feel of your skin as I softly caress
These are just some of the things that I miss
When I think of you and your soft, wet kiss

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