The Chain Of Broken Hearts

As heavy as a ton of bricks,
Yet lighter than thin air.
It sits so sadly 'round my neck,
An object of despair.
Invisible, yet tangible,
It pierces my soul like darts.
Stronger than any metal,
The chain of broken hearts.

Forged in lies, and promises,
Unfulfilled up to now.
Molded by false pretenses,
And broken empty vows.
Yet would I do it all again?
Without remorse!
For the price I pay for loving you,
Is the chain of broken hearts.

Your heart must never be entwined,
Within that tangled mess.
Because of all the loves I've had,
I've not been more impressed.
And lover dear if ever,
The both of us should part.
I'd have to add my own ticker,
To the chain of broken hearts.

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