Ebony Sun

I stand patiently each morning,
for her darkness to brighten my day.
Without it I feel lonely,
in a strange, peculiar way.
Other bodies stand beside me,
All made by God's own hand.
But not one shines as brightly,
As the dark, ebony sun. 
Her voice is a sweet love song,
No one can ever sing.
Her smile, a priceless diamond,
That will never grace a ring.
My world revolves around her
And though there is such little time,
I try my best to take it in,
Her ebony sunshine.
I hate when any other,
Blocks her rays from me. But..
Like art, music, and culture
Sunshine must be free.  
Propriety forbids me,
From sharing my intent,
And so I hide in poetry,
As my poor heart laments.
For a man like me, despite my strengths,
Will never touch the sun,
But I would make sev'ral attempts;
If only I were young!
That's not the only barrier,
But it's the one thing I can't change,
It sits on me. Quite heavy!
And I buckle, from the strain.
Or is that just a poor excuse,
For my fear of the dark?
If I venture any further,
Will the sunshine melt my heart?
I should run! But which direction?
Who can escape that sun?
Her darkness still engulfs me,
Long after she is gone.
I will see her in the morning,
As I wait so patiently,
For the darkness that's her beauty,
To shine it's light on me

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