Faulty Recollection

It lingers on my memory's edge,
Is it
Illusive as the very air,
Everywhere and still not there.
I should know it but daring to ask,
Would add fuel to a flame,
For though her body pleased me so,
I cannot recall her name.

Her taste, her touch, her moans, her sighs,
Resides in my retention.
My adventure 'tween her tender thighs,
Brought complete satisfaction .
But when by chance I met her,
Far from my silken linen.
I just could not remember then,
If she was
or Eve-
Or Ellen.

It touched my tongue just at the edge,
But not enough for me to say.
My face turned twenty shades of red,
Was this
Or Faye?
As waves of shame swept over me,
I searched my mind in vain.
I remembered every ecstasy,
Except her name.

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