The Road to Hell

Many men have walked this road,
And returned without their soul.
Their hearts as hard as tempered steel,
And darker than charcoal.

They started yes, with hearts as bright
As gems held up to light,
And vowed to fight with all their might,
To set perceived wrongs right.

Their intents are now asphalt,
On Beelzebub's highway.
The good in them makes way for sins,
As they're led further away.

Very few of them look back,
To see just how far they've gone.
Along the wide path that surely,
Leads to their destruction.

A few fall early on the way,
And end up truly blessed.
They escaped the hell bound journey,
And died a hero's death.

Those who survive the journey,
Will never be the same.
What should have brought them glory,
Ends up a walk of shame.

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